Inventories of Holy Trinity monastery's library

About ten complete or partial inventories of the library have been preserved. The oldest, drawn up in Metrophanes’ time, is dated January 1572.

These inventories come in all shapes and sizes: some are complete inventories of the library drawn up at the library itself, others are lists made by visitors of some manuscripts that were found to be interesting.

Inventaires [fr]

Date inventaire
1677 Covel, John (1675)

Dressé par John Covel lors de son second passage à Chalki, le 26 février 1677.

1778 Sestini, Domenico (1778)

Liste partielle établie par Domenico Sestini le 4 mai 1778.

1840 Mynas, Minoïde (vers 1840)

Inventaire établi vers 1840 par Minoïde Mynas (140 mss).